I feel called to something that is indescribable because I believe it has literally never happened. I feel like I’m reaching and grasping for the application but it still comes no where near to what I believe God will actually do. I feel like Moses, knowing I am called to rescue a nation and having no idea how it will happen from day to day.

Just like Moses, I don’t feel called anywhere specific, as far as geography(a city or state), but rather to a people who feel distant and outcasted but destined for love.

This message that burns within in me is not an argument about what grace is doctrinally or the issue of sin. It’s about being free from the religious spirit, which is a futile mission to extend the curse of Adam, so that we can fully love Jesus with everything. I have no concern for my reputation or for the gain of approval from influential leaders. Give me a small space and 10 messy people who need Jesus and we will set this world on fire.

To all my friends who I have known from CA to NV to NJ, I am so thankful for you and I’m excited to follow God’s fragrance into the unknown so that Jesus would be seen as beautiful once again in America! Thank you for supporting Crazy Grace!!

Two Keys to Successful Process

In every Christian’s life, the road is paved with both sin and redemption. No matter how far along we all are or aren’t, we are either being redeemed or enjoying our redemption. Not one is beyond this situation. It is vital that we keep this present grace in the forefront and realize that the Holy Spirit will do our jobs better than we ever could. I tell people who are in the process of transformation to do two things.

1. Choose the Holy Spirit in every moment – Many times we need to just take life day by day and sometimes even moment by moment. Choose His presence in each moment. Believe that He is bigger and more wonderful than anything you’ll face. Let this reality invade your heart and soon you’ll feel Him invade your body. All of a sudden you have forgotten what spiritual sobriety feels like. You become intoxicated with the pleasure of the abiding presence of the Father.

2. Be honest and teachable – I will choose a leader who is teachable and honest above any leader with a talent or a gift. Character and integrity are developed in the exposure of our secret sins. As we grow and progress out of our former glory and into our future glory, we become men and women who once knew bondage and now know freedom in being upright. Stay true to the process and embrace the failings and victories, they each further us.

If we are faithful to these two areas God will transform and do a work in us that will never end and more so, we will have a peace for the process of becoming new in the day to day.

The Millennium Revisited: A Revolutionary Reading of Revelation 20 (Part 2)

Robert Vujasinovic:

Amazing post!

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lamb on throneBefore the Millennium

Revelation 20 doesn’t stand on its own. Within the narrative of John’s vision, the millennium is preceded by the judgment of the “beast” (the Roman empire) and the “false prophet” (the Caesar cult) in 19:11-21. To read chapter 20 apart from chapter 19, as most amillennialists have traditionally done, is to miss the context of the millennium entirely. Whether amillennialist or premillennialist, however, most readers have understood the judgment scene of chapter 19 to refer to Christ’s second advent. But is that what John intended? I don’t believe so.

At this point both amillennialists and premillennialists have been guilty of confusing the visionary and symbolical levels of the text with the referential level by their insistence that this scene portrays a more or less literal forecast of historical events. Clearly, the messianic portrait of 19:11-16 has a more direct correspondence to its referent than the vision of…

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Reckless Love

Love is crazy. As time goes by I become so subdued by it. On so many levels, I am amazed by how much God loves me. It isn’t the kind of love we would ever put in movies because if we saw a man loving a woman the way God loves us, we would conclude that God is insane. Why would He love the most vile, trashy woman? Shouldn’t He love J-Lo or Jennifer Aniston?


Yet we see all through scripture that God didn’t choose the hottest, most successful woman in the bible, but rather He chose the outcasted whore. The one that was going from lust to lust. Traveling from house to house, answering any booty call she could for the slightest hint of love.


We were that whore. Dead in ourselves and wandering blindly from bed to bed. We slept with many lovers but found no home in their lives. They used us, abused us and threw us out with the weekly trash. But God, rich in His mercy and beauty, called us beautiful! He saw us way before we saw Him. In the midst of the most successful and the most elegant of women, He chose the one no one wanted and called us into the palace to reign with Him.


It is a reckless love that God has for us. It takes into account no measure of reputation, regard of social status or what others will say. He is confident in His love for us and holds nothing back. Even in the face of blatant denial and rejection, God waits for us to choose Him, at times knowing, that we may never do so. Still he waits. Yearning. Longing. Haunting our steps. Always chasing.


Many times when I think of who we were in this existence, that dirty discarded slut, it is overshadowed completely by who God has made us to be. When He chose us and we responded to His love with absolute surrender, recklessly uninhibited by the consequences of loving Him back, we became a new creature. A love stallion, hopelessly fueled by the fire of love, quickened by the kiss from His lips.


No one will understand this love that killed who we were, and established who we are, with no record of our past harlotries. The only evidence of who we were that remains is in our memory, so that the story of what God did to bring us to Him may be reproduced in a fallen world filled with the chosen, but lost.


We find ourselves at that point climbing mountains and traveling through the wastelands of heartbreak just to find the one that does not yet know of the love of the empty cross and the barren grave. We will travel any distance and forego any sacrifice just to say the simple phrase.


“I used to be like you. Until the beautiful one kissed me.”


Love is the Period at the End of the Sentence

Interestingly enough, the bible says that love is not provoked, in 1 Corinthians 13:5. Yet all around, it would not take long to take notice of all the ways we, as humans, are provoked. So many Facebook posts, tweets and blog entries are provoked by some argumentative statements or even a specific feeling we have towards certain schools of thought. Yet we see in scripture that love is such a vastly powerful force, that it waits in secret to respond in a way that is selfless, serves others first and looks to lift where others would slam.


I believe that part of our fears, (truly it is fear that battles against love, trembling in the presence of liberty) are that where we do not disagree, we join their stand. So much of this is still religious bondage however. We are very concerned about what others see or hear us agree with. It reminds me of the several instances God asks us whether we have ears to hear Him or eyes to see Him.


To whom have we given the affection of our ears and eyes? Who do seek reputation with, Heaven or Earth?






Let us love each other furiously, like madmen, and let the LORD have our eyes and ears again. Do not seek to be provoked by the arguments of man. They will loop in endless circles and dissipate all together in the presence of Jesus. When the King is here, arguments and opinionated dialogues become dumb, deaf and blind.

The Increase of Jesus


Luke 2:52 – “And Jesus increased in wisdom (Wisdom – sophia(greek) Strong’s #4678; Practical wisdom, prudence, skill, comprehensive insight, Christian enlightenment, a right application of knowledge, insight into the true nature of things.) and stature, and in favor with God and men.”

Isaiah 11:2,3 – “The Spirit of the Lord shall rest(Give rest – nu’ach (hebrew) Strong’s #5117; To rest, settle down; to be soothed or quieted; to be secure; to be still and to dwell peacefully.) upon Him, The Spirit of wisdom(wisdom – chochmah(hebrew) Strong’s #2451; Wisdom; wiseness; skillfulness, whether in the artistic sense (craftsmanship) or the moral sense (skills for living correctly).) and understanding, The spirit of counsel and might, The Spirit of knowledge(knowledge – da’at(hebrew) Strong’s #1847; Knowledge; knowing, understanding, intelligence, wisdom, discernment, skill. Da’at comes from the verb yada’, “to know.”) and of the fear of the LORD. His delight is in the fear of the LORD, And He shall not judge by the sight of His eyes, Nor decide by the hearing of His ears;”

Colossians 2:2,3 – “that their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love, and attaining to all riches of the full assurance of understanding(understanding – sunesis(greek) Strong’s #4907; Literally , “a putting together,” hence, quickness of apprehension, the critical faculty for clear comprehension, intelligently assessing a situation. The NT uses two words for understanding, phronesis and sunesis. Phronesis acts while sunesis judges. Phronesis is the practical side of the mind while sunesis is the analyzing and discerning side.), to the knowledge of the mystery of God, both of the Father and of Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

1 Samuel 2:26 – “And the child Samuel grew in stature, and in favor both with the LORD and men”
How beautiful is it that Jesus came to earth and lived life like us. He came with the full vulnerability to sin and temptation but lived sinless. He removed the power of sin over us once and for all and set a standard, a new normal. Never again can man excuse himself from living in supernatural power. Victory is our inheritance now. It is so amazing to me that Jesus, like the prophet Samuel grew in favor with the LORD and man. There was a process to their ministry and lives lived abandoned to God.
We are also in a process. Process doesn’t mean that we live in sin, it simply means glory to glory. Jesus has shown us that it is possible to live without the bondage of sin as we travel through our own process and in the meanwhile, grow in favor. There is a beautification. There is a divine makeover that we are in. As we grow from who we presently are, into who we are become, God is making us beautiful.
As we behold the beautiful One, we become like Him. The Spirit that was on Him rests upon us. All His attributes are available for us at all times because we have been identified with Him, in His death and likewise in His resurrection. What a beautiful relationship we have in Jesus! Take a moment and just love on Him. He really really loves us! Its amazing!

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I have heard an immense amount of teaching over the years. In the last decade especially, there has been a movement that is extremely focused on “Spiritual Warfare.”

I am thankful for the awareness that this movement has created toward the spiritual realm and the demonic. Many Christians hardly even believe in demons existing and need to get a wake up call. So in many ways this movement has been a good thing.

On the flip side, there has been a weakness in this movement. The main weakness I have seen is that there are individuals not grounded in their identity or authority in Christ. If I could take a moment to encourage the Body of Christ, I would stress the importance of identity and authority before going after more warfare. The following points seem to be missing from many teachings on warfare:

  • Jesus defeated Satan on the Cross (Col…

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If you’re just checking in to this blog, this post is the first of a new series the Lord has put on my heart. For the details, you can check out my previous entry by clicking this link.

I’m gonna try and keep each entry pretty simple and straight forward. So here goes the first one:

General Lies/Accusations: No one enjoys being around you. No one wants to hang out with you and if they do, it won’t be long until they get sick of you and want to move on. You’ll most likely be rejected when they find out what you’re “really” like. You have nothing to offer.

Truths: You are desirable because Jesus desires you (John 17:24). He felt that way BEFORE you said yes to Him, as a messed up sinner who hated Him (Rom. 5:8). His desire isn’t based…

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